Cleaning up after mice

Mice and other rodents can enter your home through holes or cracks that are found in foundations, floors or walls. In normal circumstances most homeowners will not realize this infestation until there are other telltale signs; because of their body shape, most rodents can easily fit through holes that may appear much smaller than may appear likely.

mice rodents at home

Mice could also enter your home through gaps in ceilings and windows or at other times through the sewer lines. If you have drainage pipes that are not sealed properly, rodents will enter though the bathtub or sink or any holes around the plumbing; rodent dropping should be a sure fire sign that you have an entire colony living with you.

Mice and other rodents are known to harbor viruses, bacteria and other disease causing microorganisms. This is why cleaning rodent droppings or nay other associated signs should be undertaken with extreme care. This may not qualify to be a Do-It-Yourself project because doing something as simple as disturbing the dust particles or rodent droppings can lead to spreading air-borne pathogens all over the place. The same applies with nest materials because trying to sweep or vacuum them will also spread dangerous and harmful air-borne particles all over the house which can cause serious illnesses.

Bio hazard cleaning companies have the training and experience to deal especially with deer mice because they are known to be the primary transmitters of hantavirus; there are other rodents also such as cotton rats, white footed mice and rice rats that are also carriers of the same.

This is a potentially fatal virus and it is normally found in the deer mouse’s saliva, urine or feces. Rodent droppings cleaning crews usually wear protective clothing and masks because the hantavirus can easily be transmitted to human beings through airborne particles; the symptoms can be similar to those of the common flu but they develop into a fatal diseases unless it is treated immediately.

Different rodent species can transmit different diseases and viruses through rodent droppings, their urine or saliva. Any surface that is suspected to have come into contact with mice or rodent droppings of any kind needs to be thoroughly and professionally cleaned and disinfected. Only professional from bio hazard cleaning companies have the know-how and the correct equipment to safely pick and dispose of rodent droppings.

Once they have picked all rodent droppings and related debris, they will carry them away using specialized containers that are tightly sealed for effective and efficient disposal. Sweeping or vacuuming a house infested by rodents is not effective but worse still, it is straight away dangerous because you will be spreading the air borne pathogens all over the house and putting your entire family at risk.