Cork Flooring Tiles for Environmental Friendly Home

One of the best that people today choose is cork flooring. This is environment friendly and helps you keep the environment green.

Being green and helping our environment is one such thing that almost all of us like, whether it’s recycling paper, cans, plastic or any such thing.

A room with wood flooring made of oak.
A room with wood flooring made of oak. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People also try to be environment friendly by installing and fitting various things at home that keeps the environment clean and green. In the event the floor on which people walks also play a major role in making the home greener.

Cork flooring is usually made up of recycled old wine corks. The most exciting part is that the cork comes from the bark of the parent tree which is usually harvested without damaging and killing the plant.

The bark of the plant grows back for years and then can be easily harvested again.

This is the process which can be made possible several times throughout the lifetime of the tree. Thus cork flooring is one of the best flooring that you can have for your home.

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