Customize Your Doors With Expert Installation Service

Giving the exterior of your home a new facelift can be as simple as replacing a front, side, or back door. Bringing in a new door for your front entrance is an especially effective one-two punch:it can give your home a totally new look and feel while also making it more energy-efficient—but only if it’s installed properly! There are moresteps that go into installing a new door than you might think, and these include ensuring the surrounding insulation is secure and up to code, that the modeling and colour scheme of the door complements the rest of the home, and that you choose the right company to do the job. It can take the talent of a professional organization like George Kent Home Improvements to provide excellent service with satisfaction guaranteed – visit George Kent Home Improvements online for more information about what these services can entail.

One element you should consider when installing a new door is your home’s particular climate. Fiberglass doors have become a favourite material for exterior entryways since you can customize them any way you want, replicating the look of wood so well that hardly anyone could tell the difference. Fiberglass won’t dent, peel, fade, bubble, scratch, and doesn’t require extensive maintenance throughout its lifetime. Fiberglass can also provide a foam-reinforced insulation that offers five times greater protection than wood, meaning it’s a perfect choice for a drafty house or an extremely cold winter.


If you live in the GTA, you know that we have very humid summers, damp springs and falls, and cold winters. Damp weather takes a serious toll on wooden and metal doors—metal can always rust, and wood will warp, buckle, shrink, and expand in fluctuating humidity. This will mean investing in repairs and replacements perhaps sooner than you think. With fiberglass, you can replicate the warm, inviting appearance of wood without incurring any of the risks associated with humidity, keeping your door looking new throughout many years of service in Toronto.

The look and feel of your new door is of course important—especially if you’re putting your house on the market or want to make your home’s façade (and curb appeal) as inviting and impressive as possible. You want to hire a company that will allow you the maximum number of options when it comes to customization. Great local companies will let you to upload photographs of your door, allow you to choose door glass designs and colours, and really make your front door (or patio, security, storm, garden, back, and so forth!) your own.

When you contact your professional installer to hang your new door, you are adding to the efficiency of your home as well as the style. This will benefit you in many ways, with the first beingyour heating and cooling bills. Being energy efficient means ensuring your door has no gaps or crevices through which air can travel, so leaving this task to an amateur risks leaving yourself vulnerable! Great companies will also provide you with excellent warranties in case anything does go wrong, meaning they’ll have your back (or front, depending on location!) for years and years to come.