Foreign Investments about Italian luxury properties

After decades we have seen a deep economic crisis and its long-term effects, the deepest since the end of the Second World War. Leading to serious trouble to companies, workers and especially to people are looking forward a job. The different employment sectors have been destroyed by this economic recession, but the construction sector was in particular afflicted by this catastrophic situation.

In this context the real estate agencies have suffered these consequences at their core to a greater extent than anyone : they couldn’t make deal. By negotiating with homeowners who are underwater about the lowest price however they really met poor buyers. And then the buyers’ attempts have been blocked by the banks who didn’t give them small business loans because they knew that can’t afford it at all.

Only the luxury market has been left unscathed by the damaging consequences of this crisis and in particular those real estate agencies dealing exclusively with the luxury purchases. Thanks to business relations with foreign customers mostly from USA, China and Russia, they were given the opportunity to make great deals.

They haven’t fallen into the same bad trap of the economic crisis. And so italian luxury properties have been subject of effectively ” plunders ” from customers of other nationality. And since Italy is the greatest country on Earth, the foreign customers bought wonderful villas and beautiful apartments in any part of the italian mainland. However there has been a noticeable increase of luxury real estate purchases in those italian areas which have become the VIP gathering. And so we are talking about Como Lake, Tuscany, Umbria and in general all of South Italy. It is for this reason the foreign people showed their great admiration to Italy.

One of the most striking examples of this luxury real estate market is where you can find amazing italian villas, beautiful apartments are in important italian cities, villages, vineyards, castles and hotels for sale. All the properties are in dream locations and especially they suit every fancy need. The prices are clearly high but the properties are big and wonderful and their interior decorations are always of rare beauty.