How to find the best interior designers and architects?

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Every person has a favorite bar or restaurant where he or she likes to go and relax, a nicely decorated place that feels like home. But it is not really like home, is it? So why go out to find a nicely decorated environment when you can renovate, redesign, and remodel your own place to suit your taste? Whether it is your room, house, office, or a condominium, you can always find the best architecture and interior designers in town to make your place a small paradise.

interior designersBut what if that certain designer that someone recommended is not in town? Or what if that agency that you wanted to hire is not available? Then you’ve got to visit

Your dream place might just be few clicks away on Arcbazar. is a bazaar, a market where you can, in a sense, purchase excellent interior and architectural designs. It is a place where designers sell their creation and it is up for the buyers to take a peek and choose their pick.

Arcbazar is also an online contestplatform where young and aspiring designers can fully unleash their talents by competing againstthe designs of established designers and architects who also participate with their ideas. It is also a place where clients collaborate with contractors and designers. It’s the perfect place to find specialists in interior design, remodeling or architecture.

How does Arcbazar work?

We will not make you go in other places anymore, but make you choose from the list of interior designs carefully created just for you. Just follow a few simple steps and you will save not only money, but also time.

  1. Sign up and become a client

When you sign up, youcan start to create a competition about the interior designs you are looking for. You can add your own specifications or leave it to the designers to add them. Do you want something modern and classy? Or do you want a Mediterranean style with a twist of contemporary design?Just put it all in the guidelines of the competition and describe everything you want is as much detail as possible. Just name it and you will get it.

  1. Next step: wait and rank proposals

Post your project and it will be listed in Arcbazar’s competitions page. Designers can see it as well. If they think they can make the design that can please you, they’ll enlist themselves and become a participant in your competition.

When that happens, participants will send their own designs and as a client, you can just choose the designs you like and rank them.

  1. Choose and award

When you received all the submissions, all you have to do is pick the one you love and then award the money and the project timeline. As simple as that. You have chosen a great design that will suit your taste and then you can communicate with the chosen designer or architect to make more changes to the project.

Hundreds of competitions are already active and people from all over the world are finding great designers and getting their home remodeled in record time. What are you waiting for? Check out and get your 5-star design today.

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