Learn about Gas water heater troubleshooting

Meta Description: Read about the gas water heater troubleshooting steps involved and find out what all needs to be checked. In case the hot water is not adequate, find out the steps to be followed for troubleshooting.

heater problemsIf you have a gas water heater for heating up water in your house, then you need to be aware of the gas water heater troubleshooting as well. The most common causes for problems with gas water heater are faulty gas pilot, thermocouple, and a faulty control valve.

And, the gas water heater troubleshooting techniques would involve:

  • Checking of the gas pilot flames and the pilot operations. The pilot light is the most essential element in the gas water heater and this is the first thing to be checked too.
  • The next thing to do would be to reposition, tighten and replacement of gas thermocouple.
  • Replacement of the control valve for the gas pilot.

If the hot water coming out is inadequate, then the possible causes for the same could be:

  • The unit is undersized,
  • The dip tube is damaged or broken because of which the hot and cold water get mixed.
  • The plumbing installation is faulty and has a crossed water connection for hot and cold water.
  • There could be a problem with the gas supply.

In such cases, the gas water heater troubleshooting would include ensuring that the water heater is not taxed heavily and is used only for 75% of the capacity. Also, you will need to remove the inlet for cold water and the dip tubes. And, then check its condition before replacing it. Turn off the water supply to the heater and check for any crossed connections. You can open up the faucet for hot water and if the flow is there, then there could be crossed connections. Also, check for the flame from the burner. If the gas flame is not bright blue with a tinge of yellow on the tip, then there could be a problem there.