Modern Floral Wall Art

Decorative arts have developed as a wonderful new ‘branch’ in the Victorian Era, when printed wallpaper became affordable even to middle and upper working classes. Wallpaper was literally an overnight success, and themes like Middle Eastern and Asian designs became ‘talk of the town’ in many households – first in Great Britain and then the rest of Europe. Floral designs were the most popular, as they still are, and the large industry was developing fast with creators like William Morris on the forefront.

Today many of us ‘subscribe’ to DIY, and that is the way to cut costs. Floral designs are still reigning in this age of decorating, when it is so easy to freshen up the space we live in. Primary colors are what makes floral art really effective (red, blue and yellow for example), and the clever use of Gothic and Medieval tapestries as an inspiration is unique and almost magical. Here are three of William Morris’ better known designs, the Acanthus pattern, the Trelis design, and the Snakehead:

wall art

Modern age has brought many new techniques and designs as well as possibility to use high quality photography that is particularly successful with fields of flowers, as we can all bring to mind Provance in France with the fields of lavender or the Tuscan hills with wildflowers. Belowis a good example of the famous wild desert flower patterns that Australian Aboriginal painters use in their work, as well as the work of Jeannie Petyarre, who brought to life and our eyes the fields of her native Alice Springs territory. That is the heart of the Australian Desert Country and today she is a ‘household’ name in many countries around the world:

modern wall art

Often the usage of spring flower wall art designs will create an atmosphere of everlasting ‘rebirth’ of life with the intention to create a very optimistic space within a household. The whole place becomes more pleasant to live in and to come back to every day after a hard day at work. And it means something to every tenant, from the oldest to the youngest, alike. It also opens the door to further floral décor, because what blends with flowers better than more flowers? The designated decorator is able to order flowers even online,every day to change the look and the feel of the place where he or she lives.

The best thing about wall art is that it has its life span so when one becomes either bored or used to the idea of having a particular image on the wall, it is time to change it -simply by choosing another image to plaster the walls with, something different or even more colorful. It could bring the feeling of moving to a new house. They say ‘a change is as good as a travel’, and with varying wall art, that is the case. As was mentioned before, creative decorators out there are used to doing it themselves so the cost of it is no longer an issue. And after all, designing a room is an activity that is fun and demanding enough to involve the entire family in the process, as a way of bonding.