New Home Automation Applications – The Vacation Property

For the average person, home automation is still a thing of the future, and most people don’t see real cost effective applications for our day-to-day lives. This type of reaction always happens with new technology, as it was once also true for personal computer back in the early 80s. No one could see real applications for it.

But with home automation, many people still don’t see the necessity of adjusting the a/c from a smart phone, since it might seem easier to just go to the thermostat and adjust it the new desired temperature. After all, you don’t change the temperature as you would change TV channels. And even TV remote controls had a hard time finding new users when it first came into the market many years ago. For many people, when it comes to the HVAC, just a thermostat with a timer would do the trick.

But specialty niches are finding ways to use this new technology in order to automate and expedite work processes. One area that has benefitted the most from it is the home automation for vacation property owners, especially those who lend or rent out their vacation homes.

There are some automation systems that only work from inside the house – the ones that connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth – but the most sophisticated systems will allow the user to issue commands and receive notifications from anywhere in the world.

With these systems, owners can receive notifications if doors and windows are left opened and if a smoke or flood detector goes off. And, perhaps more important yet, they can issue commands, such as adjust the a/c after a guest vacates the house, turn lights off, or unlock doors to give access to maintenance or housekeepers. These tools will save an owner the trouble of hiring someone just to look at the property, or worse, having to travel all the way just to inspect these basic settings.

Obviously it will not replace inspection and supervisions altogether, but it will in fact replace the most routine tasks before and after a guest stays at the property.

Its applications are not something only geared to those who rent their properties themselves through sites like or AirBnb. These tools allow people to save so much time and trouble, that even rental management agencies are installing automation systems into their customer’s homes so that they don’t need to send out their inspection crews so much, thus saving not only time, but tons of money on gas, labor, and car depreciation. For those agencies, an automation system will pay for itself within a very short period of time.

Another important use for home automation is the ability to track energy consumption. The most sophisticated automation systems will tell you where you spend more energy and will help automate several tasks in order to save money. These systems are in fact energy management systems more than they are just home automation systems.

More and more people will find better ways to use home automation, since the always-improving technology behind it allows us to do so much with home gadgets and appliances.