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Choosing Between Different Types of Floors

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Unlike what it was a few years ago, homeowners have plenty of choices while selecting flooring surfaces. But as the saying goes, the more alternatives, the more difficult the choice! To help you choose between different floors, we’ve listed out the most popular types: 1. Stone Floors: Stone floors are difficult to install, but they’re very durable. In fact, man has been using stone as a flooring option for a very long time. Like hardwood, stone floors to get better with age. But Read more […]

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Importance of Aircon Cleaning for Your Home and Office

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The importance of commercial, as well as residential air duct cleaning, is increasing day by day. It is due to a fact that a dirty condenser coil increases the compressor energy consumption. To save you from all the further problems it is therefore not at all a bad idea to go for air duct cleaning which can help you save energy and cost-utility. The condenser coils and the evaporator coils are the two most common areas where the heat transfer occurs. If these areas are contaminated, they act Read more […]

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