The Importance Of Disabled Access Doors For Your Home

Nowadays it can be very hard to find home plans that are made for handicapped users that can be customized to fit your needs. The most important thing is to get comfortable and usable doors for a handicapped or disabled user or to find a reliable architect support that will produce plans for handicapped user’s rooms.

Disabled Access Doors

As a disabled person is likely to use a wheel chair, it is necessary to make a home suited for the user so that he can go around the rooms in his wheelchair. Remodeling of doors has to be made in a particular house to fit the wheelchair according to the dimensions of the wheelchair.

Door solutions for disabled people

To suit the requirements of the disabled person you may have to find a new home, remodel your home or you can construct the disabled access doors according to the need of the user. Something as simple as an off-set hinge for your door can be a simple solution.

It allows you to open a door further, so as to let the wheelchair pass through the doorway easily. Another important solution is to get rid of the key locks, door knobs and handles and instead use a number locking, keypad enabled door locking system. It helps to get rid of keys and also allows disabled people with wheelchairs to move freely from one room to another.

Another way to enable disabled people to go around the rooms is to get the help of a motorized sliding door, such doors can also be made of glass or other material and can be custom made to fit you’re your door area and easily let disabled people to enter to access any room.

There are also remote-controlled infrared enabled doors that open and close with remote controls so that a disabled person can go through a door without having to reach the door locks and bolts. They can open or close a door with the press of a button without any hassle. An adult wheelchair needs space to operate or turn, so a passage way of minimum 32-36 inches should be made to make it best suited for them to go through rooms.