The Petersen Module Floating House

The Petersen Module Floating House is a residential structure meant to bring about self-sufficiency, no pollution to the environment as well as eliminate any maintenance fee as it floats on water. Its interior is made up of a sun room, fully fitted mess are and a washroom. In addition to this, a large bedroom is meant to offer a sleeping place for its occupants. The exterior is made up of a wraparound balcony and a drinking water desalination package. The desalination package provides a full turnkey housing solution.

Floating House

The idea behind its design was to bring about an alternative means of housing people. On top of this, the house is meant to offer innovative solution to the worldwide housing problem that is persistent in the world. Ed, the designer, was seeking to find cheaper and affordable building material. He was also looking for a construction technology that was capable of withstanding the strong conditions of the ocean.

Construction Material

The first Petersen Module Floating House will be used for showcasing purposes to potential clients. It will be built with proper technology and fit out finishes available in the local. The construction budget is set at $165000 AUD. The construction period is set to be 6 weeks.

The construction material include timber, stainless steel rods and sheets and a shade cloth. This is set to raise the house consisting of a large bedroom, furniture, desalination unit, standalone solar power unit, a kitchen, and a lowered living room.


To begin with, getting the water sources on which the Floating Houses will be built on is not easy. However, there are efforts being done by the Australian government in locating the module sites at the moment. However, upon completion of these housing units, potential clients are invited to come out and take a look at them.