What Are The Benefits of Skirting Boards?

Most of the people have skirting boards in their homes. They are also known as baseboards, floor moulding, kick board & mop board. Generally, these are wooden panels that are nailed or glued on the bottom of the walls i.e. 2 to 5 inches above the ground. They are even available in plastic & PVC. These boards can be stained or painted; they can be carved as well.

skirting boards

Skirting board helps in hiding the gaps between the floor and the wall. It gives a more finished look to your walls. It also protects them from scuff and scratches. It works as a buffer between the wall and your furniture and thereby, helps in protecting the plastering and paint on the wall.

The absence of these boards can create unsightly lines on your expensive wallpapers. The skirting board is also used to hide wirings.

The electrical wires hanging nakedly from the walls don’t look good. So, hiding the wiring in skirting boards is economical. PVC skirting boards are designed for this purpose only.

These skirting boards also offer a decorative look to your house. You can even carve or paint them. Nowadays, oak finished boards are very much in demand.  They offer a very unifying look to your rooms.

Skirting Boards are available in many types, choosing the right board will enhance the overall appearance of the entire room. So, it is very important that you must make a list of needs for which you need a board and then go for the selection of the best skirting board for your home.