What goes into epoxy floor coating?

When a resin and a hardener come together, it can result in something known as epoxy which finds many applications in the world. One of these applications is in the form of an epoxy floor coating. Such coatings have become popular today simply because they offer plenty of benefits.

So what goes into making an epoxy flooring coat? Apart from the chemical and technical side of things, there are quite a few other aspects as well.

epoxy floor coating

Flooring options

Today, most floors are made of concrete and maybe other materials are also used, depending on personal preferences. Some of these options are:

  • tiles of various kinds
  • wood boards
  • cork
  • linoleum
  • vinyl and so on.

Depending on the room or space that needs to be covered, people can often decide between various options when it comes to floors. Perhaps the biggest option of going in for an epoxy floor coat is the fact that it can be applied on top of existing floors as well.

The chemistry behind this

Some of the things that come into play when you are going in for epoxy floor coating are:

  • the right temperature for application of flooring
  • the right ratio for hardeners and resins and any other additional material such as texture, stains and colors and so on
  • allowing the epoxy coating to be applied in the right time duration and given enough time for curing as well.

Why go in for epoxy?

Among many advantages, epoxy floor coating offers some specific advantages such as:

  • almost total imperviousness to weather conditions
  • easily maintained and cleaned
  • ability to handle a lot of abrasion, cleaning chemicals and so on and
  • a good degree of being eco-friendly.

What to look out for?

When it comes to epoxy floor coating, there is absolutely no denying the fact that it is becoming a very popular and versatile choice today. According to the website, EverlastEpoxy, homeowners, commercial establishments and even factories are going in for an epoxy coating for various reasons.

But the one thing that you must take care of is the fact that epoxy is not too highly scratch resistant. So, if you were to drop something particularly heavy on this floor, then you may see cracks beginning to develop. But on the other side, very few flooring options come close to the toughness and good looks that an epoxy floor coat can deliver.

Types of solutions

When it comes to epoxy floor coating you can choose between heavy duty coating, thin coating and self levelling systems. Self levelling simply means that this coating is able to fill existing and tiny crevices and cracks which may be there on the old floor. The result is an ultra smooth finish.

Thin coating will suffice if it is simply a decorative overlay to a floor that is already well maintained. Normally, heavy duty coatings are applied for commercial establishments and industrial areas. This is necessary simply because it will see a lot of traffic, not just by way of footfall but also machinery.

Thus, depending on where the epoxy coating needs to be applied, you can always choose between different options and the result will be a very good-looking space indeed.