Choosing The Best Air Coolers For Your Home in Summers

When summer strikes, we often depend on air conditioners. But it is too expensive to afford as it can bring huge electricity bills every week. Additionally too much of usage can be harmful for the environment.

Consequently it is important that air cooler get checked to your home before summer. These are the best cooling solutions to face dry summer problems as these are economical and Eco-friendly in nature.

Most of the air coolers make use of simple air moving system which draws fresh air from outside, cools it and blown out by the fan.

Nowadays air coolers which work on inverters are also available. Hence you don’t melt in summer if there is a power cut too.

Air coolers with more features having remote control and castor wheels are also available in markets. So it is important that you choose a suitable air cooler and just chill out.

However with range of different varieties and brands available it becomes too complicated for the users to choose one which is reliable, efficient and durable.

Well, worry no more!

Quilo 3in1 Tower Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier is one of the best options to look at which can serve all your purposes well and good.

Quilo is a Global Innovation Awards finalist which is selling at only $159. This means that the unit is extremely cost effective for the value-focused customer.

Talking about the features, it works great as a powerful fan that can be easily transformed into an Evaporative Cooler and Humidifier according to the demand.

It comes with a patent-pending, eco-friendly motor which allows the fan to provide effective cooling as quietly as possible. Thus making it an efficient appliance for people who do not love the noise of air coolers.

With this three in one appliance, not only it cools down the summer heat but also it helps to humidify the winter dryness in the air. So why not check this air cooler now and overcome all your air problems.