5 Foods That You Should Not Keep in Refrigerator

After spending your weekends at the grocery store, buying all sorts of food items, you are stuffing your refrigerator and pantry the moment you are home.

Well, it is good that you are highly organized in getting the things done but do you know that you will be very soon returning to your grocery store, as many of these items are wrongly stored.

FoodsYou could be putting many of the grocery items in your refrigerator incorrectly.

The food items have unique molecular compositions and require different preservation methods.

And the refrigerator being a cold preservation box doesn’t goes along with every food items.

We have pulled together the 5 food items from your list of grocery items that don’t belong to your refrigerator and to start with:

1- Avocados

If you are waiting for them to ripen, keeping them in the refrigerator with slower the process. However, if they are cut open keep them in the fridge to over ripen.

2- Hot Sauce

Your hot sauce bottle can live in your pantry for up to 2 years. The fact is sauces taste better at room temperature, as the refrigerator temperature dulls the zing.

3- Tomatoes

They taste weird and don’t taste good when they are kept in the refrigerator. It also changes their texture making a look squeezed. Tomatoes taste good and survive good enough when kept at room temperature.

4- Coffee

For the coffee lovers, this is for you. Never keep coffee in the fridge as it absorbs the flavor, rather it should be kept in an airtight container.

5- Bread

Bread comprises of gluten and starch, keeping it in the fridge will cause to stale 5 times faster. It forms into hardening state and eventually dries out quickly when kept in the fridge.