How To Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer

Your washing machine is a vital household item to keep your clothes clean. You want your appliance to last and do its job for as long as possible. The Appliance Doctor can help with any repairs your machine may require in New York City. Here’s how to make your washing machine last longer.


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Your new washing machine can last anywhere from 5 to 12 years. This is a huge range and you would hope yours is close to the 12 years mark. Reputable brands can make a difference and you should check out some reviews before you purchase your machine.

When you have purchased yours you should take the time to read the manual. Even though they are quite easy to use the manufacturer will provide advice on how to care for your particular washer. For any appliance repair New York contact the Appliance Doctor who can come to you anywhere in New York City.

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Hard water can greatly impact the longevity of your washing machine. Even though you can’t do anything about your water supply there are solutions. You could install a water softener or filter on your main water line. This will remove minerals from your water before they enter your home. If you allow hard water into your machine it can create mineral deposits in the lines from magnesium and calcium. This build up can result in your washing machine not working properly or completely ceasing to work at all. If you suspect any abnormalities with your washer contact the Appliance Doctor right away.

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After you’ve used your washing machine for a while you may notice a distinctive odor. This can be as a result of residual water, buildup of lint or detergent mistakes. This odor can transfer onto your seemingly clean clothes which isn’t ideal. Washer odor is caused by mildew. To prevent mildew you should use a washing machine cleaner on a regular basis. Twice a month run an empty cycle on the highest temperature with the washing machine cleaner. This will keep your machine fresh for many years to come. Use the Appliance Doctor for washing machine repair in NYC as they are experts in the field.

Your washing machine can last up to 12 years if you take the appropriate care of it. Do your research to find a quality machine and read the manual to extend its use. Try and deter hard water by using a filter or water softener. Keep your machine clean with products designed to eradicate mildew. If you have any concerns with your washing machine contact the Appliance Doctor.