The perfect light up address signs!

The Kickstarter campaign is for the promotion of a new house number address sign that is customer made and is fitted with an LED low voltage light. This product is very durable and resilient as it is resistant to water: for vehicles that are used during emergency situations such as the police, fire brigade, ambulances and the delivery cars.

The project is aimed at delivering a modern stylish new look for the address signs which are very useful devices in the named sectors. The driving principle for the project is to come up with a low voltage address sign which turns up at dusk and goes off at dawn.

led adress lights

For the home lit address signs, they come up in four designs namely: the gloss black engraved front lit, the brushed silver engraved, the brushed copper engraved and finally the gloss black frosted frontlit address sign for the houses. All of them are unique and come with beautiful designs that have a very appealing look.

The LED illuminated light up address signs are the best choice for the job at hand because they are very versatile and have many advantages. They conserve power and use less energy for the excellent job, approximately 12V.They are resistant to the harsh environmental conditions hence very durable.

They are also very convenient for use because they require no maintenance. All you need to do is to install them and enjoy the services offered. With their unique design, the LED lit address sign can be seen from several miles away hence making your house or the vehicles very easy and fast to locate especially be the new users.

Although the project has been a success and has been put into practice, a few risks and challenges have been faced but which are being managed. They present themselves in the form of unseen tasks that are likely to be ignored during the process of production and mounting of the address signs.


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