Choosing Between Different Types of Floors

Unlike what it was a few years ago, homeowners have plenty of choices while selecting flooring surfaces. But as the saying goes, the more alternatives, the more difficult the choice!

To help you choose between different floors, we’ve listed out the most popular types:


1. Stone Floors: Stone floors are difficult to install, but they’re very durable.

In fact, man has been using stone as a flooring option for a very long time. Like hardwood, stone floors to get better with age. But they’re not a cheap option. And difficult to maintain as well.

2. Vinyl Floors: Vinyl tiles and sheets are other popular choices- they’re durable, economical, and easy to maintain.

You can choose from a huge variety of colors and designs without having to break a bank.

The only problem with vinyl flooring is that you’ll have to keep an eye on sharp objects, because, they’re very difficult to repair.

3. Hardwood Floors: These are by far the most durable and elegant of all.

Oak, maple, bamboo, and cherry are popular choices. You can either go for solid wood (made from a single wood) or engineered wood (made by combining different layers of wood) depending on your budget and the room that needs re-flooring.

According to bamboo flooring Perth, these are easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and durable. Moisture can be a problem though. Hardwood floors aren’t cheap, but they last for long.

4. Carpet Floors: Carpet is undoubtedly the most popular choice of all. They’re economical and versatile. And if you spend time researching the right carpet material, they last longer as well.

When buying a carpet, check for its rating that usually ranges from 1 to 5- the latter being the best. Also, check for carpet density- the denser the carpet, the better is its quality.

5. Ceramic Tile Floors: Ceramic tiles are usually square-shaped and glued to the surface. They’re easy to clean and come in a variety of colors and designs.

Grout, however, can be difficult to clean because they attract dirt and stains. They’re probably the least durable of all and prone to cracking and chipping. Replacing the chipped tile can be a headache.