Types of Kitchen Layout

A typical home kitchen usually requires a sink for ingredients preparation and cleaning, a refrigerator to store the food, and a cooktop to cook the dishes. These three important work surfaces form a work triangle for the kitchen. The kitchen work triangle can help a lot in determining a kitchen layout that works for you.

To have an efficient kitchen layout, you need to consider your available space, the amount of time you usually spend on each workstation, and your style of cooking. Before you choose your kitchen design it is worth looking at the various kitchens available.

When you have found the perfect design for your home, you can look for a skilled fitter to undertake the kitchen installation. You can choose the most suitable layout for your kitchen from these basic types:

1- Galley Kitchen

This type of layout is also known as the parallel kitchen, which is one of the most efficient layouts for the kitchen. It is suitable for small spaces and just right for a one-man kitchen.

The layout is made up of two parallel walls, and a walkway serves as a divider between them. It is sometimes called a walkthrough kitchen. This type of layout eliminates the need for corner cabinets, making it easier for you to design the storage that you want for your kitchen. If you have a spacious kitchen, you may want to include an island.

2- One-wall Kitchen

This type of layout is a popular choice for loft apartments and studio flats because it only requires a small space. The layout puts the three work surfaces in one straight line. The appliances and cabinets should be mounted only on one side of the wall.

According to a kitchen remodeling company in colorado, it is recommended not to set up the workstations too close to each other as they form one straight line. It would be difficult for you to work with ease due to the lack of free countertop space between the workstations. Some modern one-wall kitchens have an island. This makes it appear like the galley layout, but still a tad different.

3- U-Shaped Kitchen

This type of layout is sometimes referred to as the horseshoe kitchen layout. This layout presents three walls of appliances and cabinets. You can choose this layout if you have a spacious kitchen. It is also a good kitchen layout for someone likely to spend ample time in the kitchen. This layout provides extra space for cabinets, counters, and floors. It creates an efficient work triangle that allows you to save time and energy as you engage in a culinary adventure.

4- L-Shaped Kitchen

This type of kitchen layout is suitable for small-family homes with limited floor space. The layout presents two walls forming an L-shape space for cabinets, appliances, and countertops. It provides an efficient design that integrates the three work surfaces. If you have leftover space, you may put an island or small dining table in that space – whichever suits your preference or needs.

5- Island Kitchen

If you want a kitchen that offers more space for storage and work surface, the island kitchen layout suits your needs. You can use the island for the sink, countertops, appliances, and cabinet space. You can even put a bar counter if you want. You can arrange a few bar stools or a small dining area.

An island can turn the L-shaped kitchen into a layout that resembles a horseshoe, and the one-wall kitchen into something like a galley. Before you decide to have an island kitchen, make sure that your kitchen area has enough space and clearance to accommodate the island kitchen layout.

6- G-Shaped or Peninsula Kitchen

A Peninsula kitchen has a connected island that allows a free-standing workspace, which serves as a storage, countertop, or dining area. Unlike the island kitchen, the free-standing workspace can be accessed easily from the three sides. This layout provides all the island kitchen benefits while only using less floor space as compared to the island kitchen layout.

After presenting the different types of kitchen layouts, you should be able to decide the most suitable kitchen layout for your needs and your home. If you still find it hard to decide, contact an expert in kitchen layout design, and you will be glad that you did.