A Kickstarter Project That Will Help People Clean Up Leaves

Many people have a hard time when it comes to raking up their leaves each and every autumn. Raking leaves has been an extremely thankless task for everyone, especially since they will usually have to do it over and over again throughout the autumn as more and more leaves fall.


The people who wait until all of the leaves have fallen are usually going to end up with a bottom layer of leaves that is full of dirt and moisture and nearly too thick to rake. Either way, the situation is bad, and it gets worse for the people who have a lot of trees in their yards. Individuals who are looking into a potential solution should look into this Kickstarter project:


Falling Leaf Helper

With this device, the leaves are actually caught as they fall from the trees. As such, they are never going to end up on the ground in the first place, and people are not going to have to clean them up at any point during the process. The Falling Leaf Helper is going to eliminate that set of annoying chores altogether.

However, the Falling Leaf Helper doesn’t just catch the leaves in such a way that people are going to be forced to empty full batches of leaves out of the receptacle. The Falling Leaf Helper isn’t just bagging all of the leaves for people in advance. All of the leaves that are caught by the Falling Leaf Helper are channeled into an instrument that will shred them, so they can be turned into a useful mulching product. Essentially, the Falling Leaf Helper is doing the job of a shredder and a rake all in one.

People who have a lot of trees are going to be able to turn leaves, which are a hazard when they fall, into something useful like mulch. This is a product that keeps on giving.