What are the Different Types of Fabric for Home Decor?

Cotton fabric is probably the most in-demand clothing used by the majority nowadays.

Some clothes are made from 100% cotton or may contain a fraction of it along with some other materials including nylon or polyester.


Since it is an incredibly comfortable material, it is put on by numerous people across the world.

Listed below are a few of the various kinds of cotton:

1. Velvet

It is a warp pile type of fabric having a short, thickly woven cut pile, which gives the material a rich, smooth texture. Velvet is mostly used in cushions draperies and clothing.

2. Terry cloth

It is a fabric with a wetness absorbent loop stack coating the whole surface on either side. Terry cloth is used in robes, bathroom towels, and cushion covers.

3. Twill

Remarkably sturdy, this type of fabric contains slanted lines on its front side. Twill is popularly utilized in shorts, pants, and slipcovers.

4. Broadcloth

This fabric is a closely woven shiny cotton material having fine embedded ribs across it. It actually looks like poplin.

Broadcloth is used in making blouses, shirts, and even home decor.

5. Canvas

Usually described as rugged, this is actually a woven material made out of coarse yarn.

Otherwise known as duck, the canvas is used in paint drop cloths, slipcovers, cushions, and shower curtains.

6. Sheers

Examples of delicately woven sheers include batiste, organdy, lawn, dimity, voile, and dotted swiss.

Some tend to be crisp, and the others are soft.

Sheer cotton fabric is very widely used in curtains, summer party dresses, and see-through slipcovers for wood-made chairs.

7. Sateen

It is typically a satin-woven fabric with a smooth, glossy surface.

Striped sateen blends shiny with the matte-finish lines. Tablecloths, sheets, and London curtains are usually made from sateen.

8. Seersucker

It is a lightweight fabric with a woven crease attained by modifying pressure in the warp wools.

Seersucker is very prevalent in classic summer suits. It is also utilized in sportswear, slipcovers, and curtains.

9. Chambray

It is stitched with an assortment of white and colored yarn. Chambray is used in shirts, dresses, and curtains.

10. Chenille

It is a fluffy fabric or yarn that contains a pile sticking out all around it.

Its name is derived from the French term for caterpillar. Chenille is used for making upholstery, bedspreads, and robes.

11. Jacquard

Stitched on the jacquard loom, this type of cotton creates detailed, figured patterns.

Jacquard is can be used in decorative materials, including brocade, tapestries, and damask.

12. Knit

This stretchable material is created by interlocking threads loops with each other.

Knit fabric is utilized in underwear, shirts, easy-care clothes, and bedsheets.

13. Denim

Rugged, sturdy twill weave, denim is most common in indigo blue color, but it also comes in black, white, red, and tan.

This fabric is popular in jeans, bedspreads, slipcovers, and casual curtains.

14. Chintz

Another lustrous fabric, chintz is frequently printed with striped or floral patterns.

Upholstery and draperies are usually made of this material.

15. Corduroy

This fabric is described as a ribbed pile material that is available in a variety of weaves and weights.

Corduroy is mostly used in pants, jumpers, cushions, bedspreads, and curtains.

16. Flannel

It is a simple woven smooth fabric with a fleecy surface. Flannel is used in nightgowns, winter pajamas, and sheets.